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About our partner

The largest solar silicon wafer maker
LDK Solar has been Solarbuzz voted the world highest capacity solar silicon wafer Maker. LDK have large production Silicon wafer Factory. Cut-off On December 31, 2010 factory annual production capacity about 3.0 GW. has been in the leading position industry.
at the same time, LDK also the world leading vertically integrated photovoltaic products maker, factory production polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline, polycrystalline silicon ingot, wafer, component, and in china Several city have manufacturing base.
LDK founded in July 2005, put into operation in April 2006,  in the United States listed on the nyse successful June 1, 2007,  the stock code "LDK," financing of $486 million,  become China one of listed companies in the United States .
In 2008, LDK sales income reached 12 billion , is China one of top 500 , became in china the youngest is ten strong enterprise of science and technology, also only in 2008 sales revenue than billions factory. in 2009, LDK become the world  annual sales of 1000 mw photovoltaic factory, silicon global market share of nearly 20%. In 2010, sales income exceeding 20 billion, become the world largest, most profitable pv Maker.
LDK solar has a 600 professional quality control experts team , strict test from polysilicon, silicon ingots, wafer and in the production process each link, to ensure products achieve and exceed the performance requirements.With strict process itself the same. LDK solar have passed the certification of international quality, safety performance of certification, fully demonstrated its strong technical strength, let the customer rest assured.
As of June 30, 2010, LDK get China, international, United States, Japan, Germany and the European regulators approved 10 registered patents.

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