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     Fuzhou Mei Li Cheng Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd. hereinafter referred to as (MLC Solar) , in recent years, along with the market changes, constantly pursuing innovation and adjust the product structure optimization, from a comprehensive Import and Export company into a professional Solar panels, and Solar panel component and batteries etc distributors and suppliers. Joint with very strong manufacturing strength china solar energy high-tech manufacturers LDK together hand in hand jointly open up the Arab market and world market,  at present MLC Solar as LDK Cooperation partner,and LDK is MLC Solar panels Component suppliers, Two sides reach a consensus, work together create the best products, best quality Service, dedicated to the broad Masses of consumers.
     To this end, MLC Solar has been in Jordan, Amman, set up branches, MLC Solar advocate: lifelong service customers, always adhere the customer first, for customers continuously create extraordinary value, Let Choose MLC Solar products the customers Must feel rest assured.At the same time, let Choose MLC Solar products  the customer must benefit maximization, this is MLC Solar the goal.
About our partner LDK Solar has been?Solarbuzz?voted the world highest capacity?solar wafer Maker. LDK have large production Silicon wafer Factory. Cut-off On December 31, 2010 factory annual production capacity about 3.0 GW. has been in the leading position industry.

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